Crossborder Fire Management for SMTFCA

The Songimvelo-Malolotja Transfrontier Conservation Area (SMTFCA) was formally incorporated into the Lubombo TFCA on the 2nd November 2004. The TFCA has an operational a Joint Management Plan and an Integrated Tourism Master Plan. The TFCA areas cover state forests, communal land and privately owned land. The total SMTFCA study area covers 91 215ha.

Development of a Community Based Fire Management Plan for the communities of the Nyika TFCA

Overall objective

  • To ensure the sustainable management of natural resources through the development of Community Based Fire Management Plans for the communities of the Nyika TFCA

Results to be achieved and their indicators to measure the progress and success of the planned activities

The following results will be achieved through the implementation of the planned activities of the project:

Result 1: Community based fire management plans developed

Cross Border Fire Management Strategy, KNP and LNP

Comparing two fire management strategies in the GLTP: creating the foundations for a fire management system in the LNP.


Aim: reconstruct the fire history (from 2000 onwards) for LNP and contrasting it with KNP as a basis to establish a FM system in the area.
Specific objectives:
(1)To determine the fire regime characteristics for the two parks;

(2) To determine the consequences on biodiversity and resources for the two fire management strategies;

(3) Provide an operational FM strategy for LNP;  and

Development of SOP for cross border fire management

The objective of this project is to create generic and specific sets of SOP for cross-border firemanagement for TFCAs. 


Game translocation from KZN to Maputo Special Reserve

The main aim of this programme is to improve the tourism component of the Maputo Special Reserve (MSR) by re-introduction and introduction of game species to further enhance the overall viability of the TFCA.

Tour de Tuli

Tour de Tuli is an annual cycling event aimed at raising funds for a non-profit organisation called Children in the wilderness. Children in the Wilderness is a life skills and environmental leadership programme for children living adjacent to the conservation areas. Through this programme children are taught about the importance of conservation and a passion for the environment is instilled in them so that they become tomorrow’s front runners and custodians of the environmental conservation areas.

GMTFCA cross border hiking trail

GMTFCA hiking trail from Mapungubwe National Park to Maramani Camp. See more at Joint Working Group & Trilateral Technical Committee meeting minutes.

Awelani Community Conservation Area

Awelani Community Conservation Area (CCA) is a 1800ha area that has been set aside for conservation by the Mutele Community. The CCA is 15km from the the Kruger National Park border near Pafuri Gate  and falls within the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Conservation Area.

A sustainable financing strategy for TFCAs

The work group looks into sustainable financing issues for TFCAs.

Community Involvement

This task team looks into community involvement.