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2022 SADC TFCAs Meeting Draft Agenda

This is the current version of the SADC TFCAs Programme. 

Further content will be added in due course. 

2018 SADC TFCA Network Annual Meeting report

This document summarises the presentations and discussions held during the 2018 SADC TFCA Network Annual Meeting, hosted at the Southern African Wildlife College. 

2018 Khetha Programme Newsletter

The Khetha programme, funded by USAID Southern Africa and implemented through WWF-SA, has just released its first newsletter. 

One of the biggest drivers of rhino extinction is social inequality

A recent insightful South African report on the rhino crisis advocates that it is finally time to put theory into practice. Unless local communities on park borders are empowered, the fate of the rhino is bleak. 

Please find the article from the Daily Maverick, here

SADC TFCA M&E Framework

The SADC TFCA M&E Framework was created in response to the reporting needs of the SADC TFCA Unit on the Programme. 

It was written through a consultative process with M&E and TFCAs experts, validates by the Member States, approved by the SADC Wildlife Technical Committee and endorsed by the Ministers of the Member States in November 2017.

TFCAs M&E Situation Analysis Report

The first output of this project is a comprehensive review of existing legal mechanisms for M&E of Transboundary Conservation Initiatives (TCIs) and of existing frameworks and tools for M&E of TCIs. The analsys uses a Common Property Principle approach to frame Transboundary Natural Resources as common property, thus providing a set of relevant guidelines to create an M&E system that is cognisant of existing legal frameworks, tools and guidelines for the Southern African region, and the indicators thereof. 

SADC TFCAs M&E Framework Elements workshop report

During the 2017 SADC TFCAs Network Meeting, the Consultant tasked to produce the M&E framework for the SADC TFCAs programme held a workshop to discuss and agree on the contents, structure, and outcomes of the Framework. The participants to the workshop were primarily the members of the SADC TFCAs Steering Committee, the SADC TFCAs Focal Points and the members of the M&E Community of Practice. The discussion and outcomes of the workshop are presented in this report. 

Abstract format and selection process

This document informs you on the format for abstracts and the selection process for the presenters.

SADC TFCA M&E Inception Report

This report was compiled to inform discussions at the Inception meeting held in December 2016 in Gaborone, with Deborah Kahatano, Tawanda Gotosa, Reinhard Woytek, Martin Leineweber, and with the apologies of Moses Chakanga. It was then updated with the decisions taken at the meeting, and is informing the progress report.