GMTFCA Trilateral Technical Committee

This is the Trilateral Technical Committee which deliberates on matters which affect the GMTFCA which is collaboratively managed by the governmnets of the Republic of Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe.

PPF Advisory Committee Meeting

PPF's annual advisory committee meeting.

Lubombo Trilateral Commission Meeting

This is a Commission which deliberates on matters which affect Lubombo TFCA which is collaboratively managed by the governments of the Republic of Mozambique, Republic of South Africa and the Kingdom of Swaziland.

SADC Technical Committee Wildlife

This is the SADC Technical Committee Meeting for Directors of Wildlife


Special planning and strategy meeting that will be attended by GMTFCA Country Coordinators and chairperson of the Thematic Working Groups


1. Simultaneous Joint Working Group Meetings on the 3rd of June

2. Trilateral Technical Committee Meeting on the 4th of June

KTP Special JMB Meeting

Special JMB meeting for the KTP

GMTFCA Special Tri-lateral Technical Committee Meeting

A special tri-lateral one day meeting of the GMTFCA Technical Committee

Park Management Committee meeting

The third PMC meeting will be held at MSR. This meeting  will evaluate progress and plan for 2016.

Park Management Committee meeting

Maputo Special Reserve (MSR) andTembe Elephant Park (TEP) constitute a pilot area in the Lubombo TFCA that has Park Management Committee established after the conservation agencies from two countries, ANAC "Administracao Nacional de Areas de Conservacao" for Mozambique and KNZ Wildlife- South Africa have signed Joint Operations Strategy (JOS) a document that guide how collaboration and partneship between MSR and TEP should work towards implementation of the vision of  the Lubombo TFCA Protocol.