Ten principles for a landscape approach to reconciling agriculture, conservation, and other competing land uses - J.Sayer et al.2013

The attached paper highlights a critical issue in integrated land use planning; that of multi-sector involvement in the process. By focusing purely on the ecological and biological objectives (of which there are many examples) there is a danger that landscape conservation planning can exclude the alternative and diverse needs of people and societies within these landscapes.

Effective & Sustainable Integrated Land Use Planning; A case study from the Okavango

A summary document outlining the implementation of a land use planning decision support tool; the Land Use Conflict Identification Strategy (LUCIS), within the Seronga Sub-District, Botswana by the Southern Africa Regional Environmental Program (SAREP) in partnership with the Tawana Land Board

TFCAs in Southern Africa- Who owns the Landscape by Rod de Vletter

An article written for the IUCN SULi Newsletter by Rod de Vletter of Lubombo Conservancy and owner of Phophonyane EcoLodge in Swaziland

TFCA Portal User Manual

This is the draft version of the manual. We expect this manual to be updated after the initial comments are received by the users. The manual contains procedures and tasks that a user of the TFCA Portal can perform. Also the manual shall be updated later on to include the procedures required by Portal Administrators.