The Kamfutu Zambia /Malawi TFCA is situated along Chama Muyombe road where the Bambanda Zaro Sanctuary is established in conjunction with the Malawian government .The road in question is used as a physical boundary for the two Countries. The Mafinga mountain range marks the Zambia /Malawi Water Shade. The Kamfutu Malawi /Zambia TFCA is about 56 Km from Chama Boma, which is the nearest place for accessing social requirements. On the Malawian side, the people access their daily needs from Rumphi Muzinda but also Mzuzu which is a far place.

The people around Kanfutu area are of the Senga tribe under Senior Chief Kambombo. In this case even those coming   from Malawi are assimilated to speaking the common language Senga as they practice similar cultural and traditional beliefs following some inter marriages carried out. In another development, these people are agriculturalists who practice both substance and commercial farming. They grow crops such as maize, groundnuts, tobacco, and cotton both for cash and consumption.

The Farmers face challenges on how to sale their grown products as there are no ready market nearby the area. Hence, they are subjected to travel long distances when trying to find market. This scenario meant that some of their perishable products would go to waste, there by leaving the people in adverse poverty. The Farmers have also a serious challenge when it comes to storage of farm inputs and storage of relief food at times of disasters. However, the two governments provide seasonal markets for a short period of time for only maize and tobacco

It is against this background, that the Community is initiated for Malawi/Zambia Common Market (MAZA) and Fire Manage that can service both Communities throughout the year .This move can be used as a mitigation measure for protecting wildlife and bio-diversity in the TFCA which has suffered poaching for many years now by the surrounding Communities. People’s livelihood in the (TFCA) will also definitely change for the better.

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