Call for consulting services linked to improving SADC Border experiences.

Call for proposals for a consultancy to conduct an audit of two border posts and formulate a best-practice guideline and improvement plan for tourist-friendly border post facilities, processes and services for the SADC region.

To coordinate the development of a sustainable tourism industry in the region and to facilitate the removal of barriers to tourism development and growth, SADC with support from SADC/GIZ Transboundary Use and Protection of Natural Resources (TUPNR) Programme, developed the SADC Tourism Programme 2020-2030 that was approved in 2019. The Programme pursues five core strategic goals with specific programmes and activities to be carried out at international, regional, and national levels in the support of development of Tourism across the region. The five goals of the SADC Tourism Programme 2020-2030 are:
Goal 1: Stimulating visitor movement and flows to and within the region
Goal 2: Improving and defending the tourism reputation and image of the region
Goal 3: Developing tourism in Transfrontier Conservation Areas
Goal 4: Improving the quality of visitor experiences and satisfaction levels
Goal 5: Maximising tourism partnerships and collaboration
Improving the tourism friendliness of SADC border posts is a key element of the SADC Tourism Programme 2020-2030 and forms part of activities to be implemented to achieve Goal 1 “Stimulating Visitor Movement and Flows to and within the Region.” Tourism friendly border posts can also contribute to achievement of Goal 2 “Improving and Defending the Tourism Reputation and Image of the Region”; as well as Goal 4 “Improving the Quality of Visitor Experiences and Satisfaction Levels”.

The program needs the services of a consultancy to audit 2 border posts and make recommendations to improve the tourism experience at these border posts. The following two border posts emerged as the ideal candidates for the audit:
•The Kazungula OSBP between Botswana and Zambia
•The Beitbridge Border Post between South Africa and Zimbabwe

See the attached document for the full call for proposals.