Common Trade Market for Nyika, MaZa TFCA

In an effort to conserve Natural Resources in the Nyika TFCA, the communities living within the TFCA have been practicing a range of livelihood skills. However, agriculture is the mainstay of the area. The people from the two countries produce a variety of farm products but have no permanent market. The famers have to walk long distances looking for market or waiting for unscrupulous buyers called “brief case buyers”. This has deprived farmers of the actual value of the commodity. The Governments of Zambia and Malawi provide seasonal market for the products in the open grounds. The market starts towards the end of the year and ends at the onset of the rains. The area is not conducive for trading as it is open and has no storage facilities. Farmer practice risk business as the bulky of their product goes to waste. This has had a negative impact on people’s livelihoods. Hence, some people have resorted to poaching as a way of making ends meet.

It is against this background that we are requesting for funds to establish a Common Trade Market (CTM) with permanent structures. The expected community benefits are as follows

  1. The CTM will provide one common place for farmers to market, sell and buy different commodities. This will eventually assist in improving the community’s livelihoods within the Nyika TFCA. Since this is an existing concept, a permanent market will create more market for the communities within the TFCA, as trade will not just be among them but it will also be extended to outsiders. The structure will assist in attracting outsiders to the market. Availability of market is assured as the CTM will be situated on the main route linking Chama district to Muyombe district. The route will become busy in the next one year as it is being tarred by the Government of the Republic of Zambia.
  2.  It will encourage productivity among the local people and thereby, discouraging deforestation and illegal killing of animals.
  3. The market structure will provide proper storage facilities for perishable products.
  4. The community will also start selling non-perishable goods as they will have a ready market. This will assist the community to have regular income to support their families.


Project Status: 
Project Progress: 
Start Date: 
Monday, 3 March, 2014
Estimated End Date: 
Thursday, 30 April, 2015
Actual End Date: 
Friday, 6 February, 2015
Project Personnel: 

1. Joseph Bwalya - Park Ranger (ZAWA) Zambia

2. Peter Wadi –Park Manager (DNPW) Malawi

4. Saiton Mkandawire – Chairperson (Community) Malawi

4. Lyson Zimba – Secretary (Community) Zambia