Consultative workshop - Integrating systems & tools for TFCAs

Tuesday, 1 March, 2016 (All day) to Thursday, 3 March, 2016 (All day)

Numerous online tools and databases have been developed which are relevant to SADC TFCAs and the PAs therein (e.g. Maps, Regional Reference Information System, Legal Atlas, Monitoring & Audit tool, and Human-Wildlife Conflict tools). In order to improve access to these tools by TFCA practitioners and related personnel, in early 2015 several organisations (GIZ, IUCN, PPF, WWF and GLTFCA-AHEAD) under the guidance of the SADC Secretariat, began considering the possibility of integrating or at least linking these systems and tools with the SADC TFCA Network portal. It is hoped that by linking and integrating these tools through one, single gateway, TFCA practitioners will be able to easily access tools and TFCA related information and select those that meet their specific needs. The ultimate goal is that these tools and information contribute towards the development of TFCAs and achievement of their specific objectives. As part of this process, a public website is being developed as a general and improved entry point on SADC TFCAs. In May 2015, this concept of an integrated system was presented and endorsed by the SADC Technical Committee on Wildlife and referred further development to the TFCA Network.

A consultative workshop is being organised in GLTFCA from 1-3 March 2016, jointly funded by GIZ, IUCN and the Joint Research Centre (JRC) with the following objectives:
1. Receive feedback on the design & functionalities of the public website & develop a shortlist of external systems & tools which require linking and/or integration to the portal based on Member States’ needs.
2. Consider a strategy for the uptake of the various tools to enable their use within relevant institutions.
3. Consider sustainability & governance aspects of the TFCA Network, portal & integrated tools.
4. Explore data standards & data sharing in the context of TFCAs & in relation to the functioning and use of the various tools.
5. Explore the need for standardised frameworks for monitoring & evaluating TFCA progress.

Event Venue: 

Mopani Rest Camp, Kruger National Park, GLTFCA


GIZ, IUCN, Joint Research Centre

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