Establishing Priorities through use of Multi-criteria Decision Analysis for a Commodity Based Trade approach to Beef Exports from the East Caprivi Region of Namibia_Cassidy, Thomson & Barnes

Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA)  is a structured framework that enables the costs and benefits of alternative capacity-building investments to be defined and identifies those options that offer the greatest return over a range of interacting criteria. In the current study MCDA is used to examine four land use options in the Caprivi region according to criteria that include conventional costs and benefits on livestock production, tourism, impact on trade, agricultural  productivity, as well as their impacts on environment and human socio-economic well being. The four land use options examined were;

  1. status quo of conservancies and multispecies land use including formal and informal beef production (no additional investment);
  2. two options where investments are made in slaughter for chilled beef or processed meat production;
  3. an option to create FMD free compartments.
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