Integrated Water Resource and Freshwater Management Strategy

USAID Resilient Waters Programme
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The GLTFCA freshwater strategy will include the following objectives: (1) Trilateral integrated freshwater ecosystem inventory & monitoring; (2) Improved hydrological understanding and formalised river management protocols; (3) Identifying potential environmental/aquatic enterprise opportunities; and (4) Strategic input to the Limpopo Commission and the Tripartite Permanent Technical Committee (Incomati).

The JMB has initiated a process to develop a Transboundary Freshwater Resource Management Strategy for the GLTFCA. The rationale is therefore to build on present momentum of recent river management successes through Integrated Water Resource Management and expand the systemic approach of aquatic ecosystem conservation to the entire scale of the GLTFCA. Immediate benefits of this approach are the delivery of resilient transboundary outcomes. For instance, environmental flow implementation in upstream countries translates to improved transboundary flow management, fostering enhanced hydro-diplomacy in the form of targets stipulated in treaties and protocols, (such as the IIMA and the SADC Protocol on Shared Water Courses). Moreover, this allows the environmental sector to also meet its mandated requirements (e.g. IPBES, Ramsar, etc.).

Specific Area (Village, Town, District, Province): 
Mozambique, South Africa, Zimbabwe
HQ of the Initiative: 
GLTFCA Secretariat
2021 to 2023
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Thematic Focus: 
Agriculture, CC adaptation/mitigation, Community Livelihood Dev, Integrated Land Use Planning & Implementation, NR Protect & Mgt, Research, Other
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Piet Theron
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Lola Lopez
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