SADC Regional Training Programme on Integrated Fire Management (IFM)

Five training institutes from the SADC-region have come together in a innovative effort to combine their expertise and develop and pilot an 'Integrated Fire Management (IFM)' - training programme for the SADC-region. The institutes are 

  • College of African Wildlife Management (CAWM), Mweka, Tanzania
  • Forestry Training Institute (FTI), Olmotonyi, Tanzania
  • Southern African Willdife College (SAWC), Hoedspruit, South Africa
  • MESA SADC - THEMA, Gaborone, Botswana
  • Working on Fire (WoF), Nelspruit, South Africa

The project idea is based on the understanding that fire management needs to be integrated in terms of its management approach, such as that the different disciplines/stakeholders/authoritiies collaborate in an integrated fashion, in order to be effective. 

The programme, as it stands now, is made up of four modules. Two modules already exist and are being offered. These are the technical fire management course that is offered by WoF, and the GIS-course that is offered by MESA SADC - THEMA. 

Two new modules are developed collaboratively by the institutes: 1) Integrated Fire Management, and 2) Community-based Fire Management. Both modules will be piloted between 23 February and 06 March 2015 at CAWM, Mweka, Tanzania.

11 individuals from 7 TFCAs participated in a 30-day long technical fire management training in Dewetsdorp, South Africa in October 2014.

Beyond the development and piloting of the training, an important objective of the project is also to support Tanzania's departments to evolve into centre for IFM-training. Several components are in-built into the programme to facilitate this process and build capacity amongst the Tanzanian partners.

The project is funded by the German Government through the German International Cooperation (GIZ) to the amount of 200,000 Euro.

Project Status: 
Project Progress: 
Start Date: 
Sunday, 15 June, 2014
Estimated End Date: 
Wednesday, 15 April, 2015
Project Personnel: 


Project Management:

Les Noko Ashley (SAWC Project Manager)

+27 (0)82 331 9152

Skype  ifmfiredup


Contact Details of the Five (5) Collaborating Training Institutes:

College Of African Wildlife Management, Mweka, Tanzania

Alex W. Kisingo (Senior Lecturer, CAWM IFM-Project Focal Person)

P.O.BOX 3031


Tel:+255 272 756451

Fax: +255 272 756414

Mobile:+255 786 957699



Forestry Training Institute, Olmotonyi, Tanzania

Samwel Mawinda (FTI IFM Project Focal Person)

+255 27 2509637 / +255 754018125


skype samwelmawinda


Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), South Africa

Dr Alan Gardiner (Head: Innovation & Development)

+27 (0) 15 793 7309

+27 (0)82 327 4916




John Isaac Molefe (Senior Thematic Expert)

P.O. Box 10100∙ Gaborone, Botswana ∙

Tel (+267) 361 2246 ∙ Fax (+267) 3936817

Cell(+267 71633407) . Skype molefeji


Working on Fire

Fred Favard (Managing Director)

Landline: +27 (0)13 744 9328; +27 (0)13 744 9411

Cell: +27 (0)82 457 1867

Email: fred.favard[at][dot]za






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