SADC TFCA Guideline Workshop: 24-25 April 2014, Luanda

A two day workshop is scheduled for 24 - 25 April 2014 in Luanda with the purpose of providing a platform for SADC TFCA Network members and related experts to engage further with the compilation process.  It is assumed at this point in time that the Guidelines will have evolved through inputs from the members and related experts together with content inserted by the consultant.  It will however still require a substantial amount of work and the workshop will allow for initial critical review, in depth discussions on focus areas, and agreement on the nature of the content that needs to be captured in the Guidelines.  A detailed agenda for the workshop will be circulated in due course and members are encouraged to prepare themselves for the workshop accordingly.

People Assigned: 

All SADC TFCA Network members and related experts invited to the workshop.