SADC TFCA Network Webinars 2024

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23 February 2024

The SADC TFCA Network will host at least 3 Webinars this year.

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They are planned as follows:

14:00 to 15:30 2nd April 2024 - The Elephant in the Room! 

A panel discussion with government, NGO and community practitioners on what to do about increasing elephant populations and climate change creating increased Human Wildlife Conflict in the region. The recent tragic deaths in Malawi following the translocation of elephants to release pressure in their original areas shows the need to plan translocations well and foresee all consequences. Several mitigation tools from good fences, to farmers staying out of elephant corridors, to beehives on fences and chili bombs have been used in the region. We will hear about these examples, how well they have done and if we could develop regional standard operating procedures for mitigating HWC from large mammals in Sothern Africa. 


14:00 to 15:30 2nd July 2024 - TFCAs Confronting Climate Change

The people, animals and plants in TFCAs are being negatively impacted on by climate change in Southern Africa. Several attempts to understand, plan for and adapt to these impacts are being tried across SADC's TFCAs. We will hear from practitioners in the region about their programs and projects to do this. Some of these efforts to adapt to Climate change are at a high-level regional level such as the KAZA Climate Vulnerability study and the SADC Climate Change Strategy and Action Plan while others are doing work a household level. Are these talking to each other?


14:00 to 15:30 6th August 2024 - Innovative Sustainable Finance Solutions

The Values Study gives a understanding what TFCA's contribute to in terms of livelihood support, ecosystems services and tourism. However, we have not mobilised funds to sustain them. do we mobilize the needed resources to keep doing the required transboundary co-ordination functions, conservation work and rural development needed to grow and sustain the rural areas where the TFCAs are? Numerous kinds of finance mobilization are available and we will look at some of these which include Debt For Nature Swaps, Conservation Credits, Blue Finance strategies. This webinar will explore solutions.